Sustainability & Ethics

Our Vision: Affordable Sustainability in Fashion

At the core of our design mission is the commitment to making sustainable clothing accessible to all. We firmly believe that sustainable fashion should not be a burden on your finances or the environment. Our goal is to establish sustainability as the standard, removing the perception that it is an extravagant luxury beyond reach.

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Putting People First: Our Commitment to Ethical Manufacturing

At our core, we prioritize the well-being and welfare of our team above all else. We take great pride in our close partnership with a small factory located in Ningbo, China, which has grown alongside us and provided employment opportunities for the local community.

Upholding high standards, we meticulously monitor our factory conditions, ensuring the happiness and well-being of our team members. We firmly believe in treating all our staff fairly throughout the entire supply chain, ensuring they receive a living wage. To us, our staff are like an extended family, and we consider it vital for you to know the individuals responsible for crafting your clothes.

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Who Is The Williams Family?

We are a dedicated team of individuals driven by our passion for uncovering and embracing ethically produced fashion.

Our collective love for distinctive and cutting-edge clothing, crafted with sustainability in mind, is reflected in our store. Our goal is to share this love and our carefully curated collection with our valued customers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Prioritizing Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Digital Printing:

We are committed to exclusively utilizing digitally printed fabrics in our manufacturing process. By employing this method, we significantly reduce water consumption and the release of harmful substances into the environment. With the use of low volumes of liquid pigment dispersions, we achieve vibrant colors while minimizing our ecological footprint. Unlike traditional printing methods, digital printing eliminates the need for water and extensive post-processing, as color fastness is achieved through heat fixation alone. This advancement not only saves resources but also reduces the time-consuming procedures of steam fixation and washing off.

Minimal Waste Production:

At our factory, we employ pattern-making software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to intelligently optimize the layout of our patterns. This ensures efficient utilization of fabric and minimizes waste generation. As a result, we strive to achieve minimal to no waste during the production process. Moreover, any larger fabric offcuts that do occur are repurposed into accessories, further promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

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